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Allentown/Lehigh Valley Toy Show Returns September 11th at Chrin Community Center.

Allentown/Lehigh Valley Toy Show


NOW BIGGER AND BETTER! First Show Sold Out... Up to 200+ Tables

DEALER REGISTRATION IS OPEN .VALLEYGOTO. CHARLES CHRIN COMMUNITY CENTER 4100 GREEN POND ROAD PALMER, PA 18045 September 11th 2021 Show Hours 10am-2pm General Admission: 10am $5.00 Want to Get the Good Deals? Early buyers: 8:00-10.00am $10.00

The Allentown Lehigh Valley Toy Show & Collectibles Show is an event for every antique and toy enthusiast for over 15 years. Up to 200 tables covering all collectables from antiques to the latest and hottest toy trains and collectables. Comic Books and Artists ... Featuring Pokémon toy soldiers, action figures, die cast, slot cars, tin toys, Star Wars, Marx Tinplate, Matchbox Cars, Funko Pops, Hot Wheels, vintage child books, 50s-60's, 70's-80's, and 90's toys, teddy bears, Barbie's, puzzles, advertising toys, Disney, Boyd's Bears, Japanese tin toys, GI Joes, comic book character collectibles and more.


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