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DCM Slot Car Raceway to Attend Allentown Slot Car Show 

The Great Lehigh Valley Slot Car Show is held 3 times per year.

Merchants Square Mall

1901 S 12th st

Allentown Pa 18103


DCM Slot Car Raceway

Our Story History of DCM I began racing with my brother and our friends in the late sixties. Our set was a Sterling Moss four lane figure eight set with thumb controllers , with boxes of extra track and the banked curve accessory set up on a sheet of plywood. We had them all: Aurora T-Jets, Wild-ones, Tuff-ones, A/FX, Magna-Traction, G+, Super Magna-Traction, Tyco Pro, Curvehuggers, HP7's, Bachmann and Atlas cars. We were racing cars until the late seventies and our shop of choice was Hobby Haven on Rt. 33 in Hamilton Square, NJ. Many years went by, and one day they were setting up for a drag racing event in 2003 at Great Traditions in Newtown, PA. After watching a day of racing with Ed Penland's Philly T-Jets Drag Racing Group, my kids and I were at every event thereafter. My Boys went down to my Mom's basement and found all our original stuff from when we were kids and we built a small layout on the dining room table. We had some great racing fun with Ed and his group. A few local shops along with Great Traditions closed over the next year or two, so I decided to open my own shop and set it up for racing and have a hugh parts area for the Pancake & In-line racer alike. DCM Slot Car Raceway opened its' doors on August 2nd, 2004 with Scott Dunlaps' Original Orange Tub Track, a small Wizzard Oval and a Tomy Drag Strip. I completely restored the Tub Track with Aurora Quikee-Lok Track, Professor Motors' Wiring Centers and Drivers Stations. We also purchased a Wizzard Drag Strip and a Wizzard 4'x16' Road Course over our first couple of years. The parts and accessory wall grew from one wall to three, with stock and high performance parts and tools. In 2006, we added a 4'x6' Mini Tub Track, so we were able to do events and birthday parties in your home or our shop. Unfortunately we had to close the retail store in 2009 when the economy took a downturn and moved the whole operation to the current Newtown, PA location. DCM has always had a racing reputation and formed a team of customers along with myself to participate in the VHORS Shoot-Out. Our record has always spoken for itself with a 2006 5th Place, 2007 4th Place. ECHORR took the club over in 2008 as the Challenge and Team DCM finished 3rd that year. Due to the shop closing in 2009, we were unable to participate that year, but with a reformed team in 2010 finished 3rd, 2011 2nd ( with paint issues on the magnets ), 2012 3rd, 2013 3rd and 2014 finishing 2nd. During that same time worked our way to the Fray in Ferndale, CA with a 2012 first year finish of 3rd Place and just missing winning the whole thing by just seven points for the whole day along with 2 Racers on the ALL Fray Team & a Rookie of the Year. 2013 saw a fifth place finish and 1 Racer on the All Fray Team. Due to scheduling issues we took a four year break from the ECHORR Challenge and upon returning in 2018 with an additional member of the team, we won the Team event, First place in the Indy Class, Second place in the Nostalghia Class and tied for Second in the IROC race. We were hoping to return to The Fray for the twentieth anniversary, but it just wasn't in the cards. In 2019 Team DCM for a second year in a row won the Team Event and the Nostalgia Class had members in 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 6th place along with Indy having members in 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th places. DCM has also been very active in the Slot Car Show scene in the the Tri-State area for more than 10 Years. We always have a table at the Bob Beers Super Bowl Show, Great Leigh Valley Shows, The Parsippany Shows, The Long Island Toy Car Trifecta & The Morgantown Holiday Show. These are great places to feed your slot car needs at a very reasonable price. It's a Family Friendly atmosphere with some shows having races hosted by local clubs featuring IROC kids races and Class races for the adults, plus the Door Prizes. Come & enjoy the rich history of these awesome events. Early 2009 also saw DCM's introduction to the small screen with participation on the DIY's Network Show "Man Caves" hosted by former NFL defensive tackle and Super Bowl winner Tony Siragusa & licensed contractor Jason Cameron. In episode DMCV-404 homeowners Jon C. & his wife Sylvia have just purchased their first home in Union, NJ and would like to transform their outdated wood paneling basement into a muscle car themed movie threater and bar area to enjoy with friends & family. The two day shoot was mostly a rainy debut for us, but what a great experience and a honor to meet these two great hosts, true gentlemen. DCM recreated the HO version of the Catalunya Circuit located in Barcelona with TOMY A/FX track, including painted lane colors and Tomy SRT Daytona cars on a table mounted on engine stands so it could be switched from a poker table to a slot car table with a pull of a pin and a quick rotation. Later that year, Season 4, Episode 4 aired on November 24th as Muscle Car Cave and DCM showed our expertise as a HO Slot Car industry leader to the country. It was an awesome time and a memory that will last a lifetime. Thanks Tony & Jason for all you guys did for our company and the very best to you both. Also along the way in 2011, the racers from our shop started the NESSRC Series to replace the New England Series they were a region of. The Clubs' Philosophy is rooted in the Original Aurora Thunderjet 500 Chassis with stances ranging from .985" to 1 5/16" along with a class for A/FX & Magna-traction Cars. The Series runs from September to June with about 12 to 13 races three weeks apart with a break during the Holidays. Each racers' best 8 scores for the three different class groups are totaled and the winner gets their name added to the Solid Walnut Perpetual Trophy & the Ownership of it for the next year. In 2016 DCM started producing our own line of Racer Quality wheels for the Pancake enthusiust. Developement began in late 2015 with the DCM-1, 2 & 3 wheels followed by DCM-4's & DCM-10's in early 2016. By mid year the current line up of wheels was complete and were the new standard for the hobby. Our DCM-4's have been approved for use by ECHORR in their Indy class & the rest of the line are a welcome addition to multiple clubs across the US. By the end of this year will see the addition of another Independent Front End and early 2018 will see our first wheels for our A/FX friends. We have opened an online store for the Racer & Player to enjoy parts that will provide a generation of fun and have a competitive edge. 2017 saw some big changes to our track line up when we sold our 4' x 12' Max Trax to STP Speedway and took the procedes to buy back our original 4' x 6' Mini Tub. This great track seen a lot of road time going from slot car shows, benefits & exhibitions through the years, but built with Tomy track it needed an upgrade to get it to the level of the other tracks in the NESSRC stable. We removed the Tomy track and reassembled the portable Pit Table Track that we started racing on way back when & sent the blank table up to Max Trax in Homer, NY where it was reborn as the new Mini Max you see today. All the wiring to the track was hidden to give it a clean look and as always we went with reed switches coupled to a Trik Trax Mini Count for lap counting. It just goes to show that you don't need multiple sheets of plywood to create a great racing atmosphere, a little space can provide years of entertainment for you and your family & friends. 2018 has been a big year for our travel track stable which included the new 16" x 10' DCM Mahogany Track and the 32" x 75" Grand International. Both of these great tracks are wired for a Trik Trax Lap Counter & timing is done by a GraLab Timer, so look for one of these awesome tracks to be with us at the slot car shows this racing season. We would like to thank all our customers throughout the years that have brought us to this point and hope we can provide the same great service and parts that our long time racers have come to appreciate. Long Live HO Slot Car Racing and the Joy it brings to the Families that participate in it. #allentown ##slotcars #slotcarsforsale #Merchantssquaremall #slotcarshow #racing #vrhobbies

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