Scott Beatty

Special Guest April 18th 2020

Scott Beatty

Scott Beatty has authored adventures for many comics' most iconic characters, including Batman and Robin Tales for DC Comics, as well as The Phantom and Buck Rodgers for Dynamite Entertainment.  He has also contributed comic stories to IDW (Gi Joe), Dark Horse Comics (Star Wars Tales), and Crossgen Comics (Ruse).  With collaborator Chuck Dixon, Scott wrote BATGIRL; YEAR ONE , named Best Miniseries of 2003 by WIZARD Magazine,  as well as the bookending miniseries ROBIN: YEAR ONE and NIGHTWING: YEAR ONE, All for DC Comics.  Scott also revamped the class Charlton Comics character SON OF VULCAN for DC, co-engineered the epic JOKER'S LAST LAUGH crossover event, wrote BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS for 17 issues.

At DC's WILDSTORM imprint, Scott WILDSTORM; REVELATIONS, NUMBER OF THE BEAST, and GEN13. Outside of comics, Scott has written G.I Joe and Transformers animation, as well as more than a dozen books about superheroes', including the best selling "How to Be" BATMAN HANDBOOK from Quirk Books.  Scott's other works for Dynamite include THE BIONIC MAN ANNUAL #1, RED SONIA ANNUAL #4, THE SHADOW SPECIAL #1 MERCILESS: THE RISE OF MING novel.  Scott also writes a popular action figure Blog ( His latest can be found at

Scotts 2020 releases include a new trade paperback version of ROBIN YEAR ONE, BATMAN ALLIES: ALFRED  (Featuring a story Scott wrote that inspired the PENNYWORTH streaming television series on EPIX),  and the long awaited  NIGHTWING: YEAR ONE - The Deluxe edition hard cover, as well as  MARVEL COMICS: MINI BOOK OG HEROES and MARVEL COMICS: MINI BOOK OF VILLIANS, two-pint sized super-encyclopedias from Insight Editions!

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